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JIM CARON, the long-time cartoonist for Coagula Art Journal, creates an interesting and unique vision of the world with pen and ink, a paint brush and a camera. A compulsive creator, Jim Caron has enabled his egotistical charm to engage in a positive dialogue about the world at hand. An irresistible cynic, Jim Caron gained his first audiences imitating his teachers in school, emphasizing their self indulgent idiosyncrasies that each perpetrated upon their students rather than the agenda at hand.

A transplant from the East Coast, Jim Caron still retains that New York flavor and tempo, but is a Southern California native through and through. Jim is a resident of Garden Grove, California, where his studio has been his home since 1986. An experienced film editor and writer, Jim Caron has also created a number of art videos and moving images that recreate the texture of moments and experiences in his life, moments that are reflected in the viewer's own experiences.

Jim is never pretentious and always willing to be open, he still retains that edginess that is obvious as soon as he starts to talk, and talk and talk. Jim Caron has created his own world with his series of comics published by Mat Gleason of Los Angeles, California, the creator and publisher of Coagula Art Journal. Many of the comics are based on true experiences in Jim's life, since he truly walks an unusual pathl. Jim claims his unique life's experiences can be attributed to an astrological prejudice due to his "sun being fixed in Algol".

Jim Caron is also an experienced musician and is able to augment all of his visionary statements with sound when the occasion calls for it. In the 1970's he created and owned a night club in the depths of Orange County called "Wild Man Sam's". This was one of the first places the"Runaways" played doing a New Years Eve gig in 1975 with the original line up including a 16 year old Joan Jett. Besides these talents, Jim Caron has trained and taught in the martial arts for many years and has achieved the rank of third dan with Tsutomo Ohshima of Shotokan Karate. This type of focus and ability is evident in all the work by Jim, his commitment as an artist has been his guide to life, now and in the future.





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